Know Someone Who Needs Direct Mail Retargeting?

Drop their information below and we’ll pay you 5¢ of every card they send.

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of your unconverted website visitors may be matched to mailable addresses


higher engagement with direct mail versus with digital marketing alone


more visitors returning to your website than with digital marketing


ROAS on product pages, 11x on abandon cart campaigns, and more

“We knew we were losing money not getting in front of non-buyers. 1stFaction was able to segment our traffic and show us exactly how much we could gain from using postcard retargeting.”

Ross @ Rainmakers

“Our email open rate was 15% and our Social Media posts were only being seen by 1% of our audience. With Postcard Retargeting from 1stFaction, we were able to add another touchpoint to our customer journey and solidify our brand.

Brian @ Muley Mayhem

How Direct Mail
Retargeting Works

We’ll work closely with you in our simple, step-by-step Direct Mail Retargeting program to help you turn more website visitors into customers and clients.

Step 1: Set Up Tracking

We’ll help you add specialized tracking to your website that analyzes current traffic. This tracking works in the background to match your visitors up with physical, mailable addresses.

Step 2: Send Postcards

After our tracking system has collected enough addresses, we’ll send postcards directly to your customers in the mail. The number of postcards we send will be based on the amount of traffic your website gets, as well as your budget. The postcards can be designed by you, or by our expert team for a small fee.

Step 3: Track Results & Optimize

It’s easy to see returning visitors and the actions they’re taking from our dashboard. We can then measure mail tracking and conversion results to make informed decisions for even better performance.