We supply e-commerce companies with engaged buyers through data driven marketing

The battle for attention is in full swing. We drive engaging, return based marketing campaigns through all available channels and sources

Digital Footprint

We take hot, warm and cold customers and guide them through the purchase process by delivering to them the right ad at the right time.

Hot Data

1st Faction allows you to reach your target audience, regardless of where they are, with highly targeted, real-time dynamic ads combined with the best account management in digital advertising

Programmatic Media

Segment audiences using data so you only pay for ads delivered to the right people at the right time.


90% of people don’t buy on the first brand engagement. Discover new shoppers, sell out more products, advertise in a smarter way, and turn into a bigger brand. Re-engage with your customers by delivering dynamic ads to them, specific to the exact product(s) they viewed on your website across the web. Services: Site Retargeting, Social Retargeting, Dynamic Retargeting, Mobile Retargeting, Cross-Device Retargeting

Search Engine Marketing

Supply the demand, boost sales with Google & Bing Shopping and a host of other comparison shopping engines.

About Us

Owners Stirling, John, and Tanner of 1stFaction have worked on the front lines of agencies and as in house gladiators of marketing . We understand the benefits of working with an agency to grow your business, and we hated the drawbacks that we couldn’t control at the time. We came to together to create a client/agency relationship that you deserve. Never work with an intern. You pay for high quality service and that is what you get. Period.

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